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Richie Halevy is a singer/songwriter from Sparta, New Jersey. He began playing instruments like the piano and drums when he was around 13, and is completely self-taught. Richie always preferred discovering what he could do with instruments rather than learning how to "play the right way". He began writing songs when he was 17, but did not learn any production skills until college, where he finally began recording songs in his dorm room. Musically, Richie draws influence from a number of alternative rock and indie pop acts, but he can't deny his love for a catchy pop chorus.

As his first single, "Mr. Practicality" describes, Richie focuses on pursuing a "practical" career in business, but music remains his number 1 hobby and passion. Encouraged by family and friends, Richie released "Mr. Practicality" in April 2020. Then in May, he released his second single "Stuck in My Own Head". After a few more months of hard work, Richie released his debut album Who I See July 31, 2020. This personal album includes songs he's written throughout all 4 years of college, and show how he's progressed in those years.


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